Running out of time for self-care? There must be a better way.

UniSelfCare: The Universal Self-Care App

What is UniSelfCare?

A free innovative app platform that serves as a central hub for managing self-care activities that improve mental well-being.

What Can UniSelfCare Do For You?

For Students/Users

Provide users with free, easily accessible, and community-building based mental health care resources as features on our app. Mental health and self-care can be social! (Curious about a day in the life of a UniSelfCare user? Check out our blog section!)

For Small Businesses

Create a self-care rewards platform that can help local small businesses thrive by promoting local businesses as “self-care spaces” on our platform to increase customer loyalty/retention because we bring users directly to small businesses. (Interested in learning more about the benefits of being a UniSelfCare Partner Business? Check out our For Businesses page!)

What Features Does UniSelfCare Offer?

Want quick reminders to jumpstart your self-care in the morning?               UniSelfCare’s Morning Daily                                 Tips & Tricks Get daily reminders about unique ways to engage in self-care Want a simple way to keep track of your thoughts and emotions throughout the day?          UniSelfCare’s Self-Care Journal Record and keep track of your thoughts and emotions throughout the day Want a fun way to motivate you to do more self-care plus try out new experiences and make new friends?          UniSelfCare’s Rewards Platform  Connect with small businesses branded as “self-care spaces” to get “self-care points” to be redeemed for discounts and gift certificates at partner businesses as a reward for engaging in self-care