Our Story: How the Idea was Formed

The team initially developed the idea for the UniSelfCare platform after hearing stories from friends that loneliness and isolation is often a problem for people entering new environments such as college or a new job. During the COVID-19 pandemic, loneliness and isolation has become more of a problem which makes self-care more difficult to practice. The team also wanted to find a way to support small businesses during the pandemic. The UniSelfCare team aimed to solve the problems of loneliness and isolation by creating a platform that helps users form self-care communities virtually and in-person and support small, local businesses that prioritize community and self-care.


UniSelfCare in Use:



B started their first semester at college.


B joined many clubs at school to try to meet new people and make friends


B shortly realized that making new friends at school was more difficult than they thought.



B started to feel hopeless and down because of the difficulty of making friends.  



B  was then introduced to the app UniSelfCare which provided them with a community of like minded people also looking to make more friends and learn new ways to practice self care.


B explored the app and realized that they are not alone, and eventually became friendly with others on the app and in person, and successfully found their self-care routine.

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