UniSelfCare Rewards Platform


We will promote your business on our platform as a “self-care space”.

Users will download the free app and discover local businesses that have partnered with us on the app.

Connect & Self-Care

The rewards platform will encourage users to go to your business regularly as part of their self-care routine.

The app will also encourage users to go with a group of friends or make new friends through the platform, increasing the number of customers we bring to you.

Redeem & Reward

After the purchase, users scan the businesses’ UniSelfCare QR code and take a picture of the receipt through the app to determine the amount of “self-care points” earned by the user.

Note: Only a small percentage of the sale price will be returned to the user as rewards points. Points earned by the user will be determined based off of sale price.

UniSelfCare Partner Business Benefits

UniSelfCare brings college/graduate student users to YOU!

We will promote your business on our app platform by branding your business as a “self-care space”, encouraging a large number of users to go to your establishment as part of their self-care routine. 

UniSelfCare will increase your customer retention/loyalty in a creative way!

We connect and provide your business with repeat customers (college/graduate students) because of our app’s encouragement of repeated self-care to increase your businesses’ customer retention and customer loyalty. 

UniSelfCare brings more customers to YOU!

The rewards platform motivates users to go to partner businesses with a group of friends, increasing the number of customers we bring to YOU!

UniSelfCare is a simple and innovative customer rewards/loyalty program!

Our platform will make it easy for you to implement a unique customer rewards/loyalty program that is easily accessible to your customers. All partner businesses are provided with a UniSelfCare window decal and a UniSelfCare QR code with a display holder. 

UniSelfCare is an affordable way to implement a customer rewards/loyalty program!

We ensure that the UniSelfCare customer rewards/loyalty program monthly platform fee is very affordable for our partner businesses. Please email us at  info@uniselfcare.com to determine your monthly platform fee.