Curious about what a day would look like in the life of a UniSelfCare user? Then keep reading on!

We’ve all been there, our alarm goes off and we immediately hit the snooze button to enjoy ten more minutes of sleep. B used to hit the snooze button everyday but UniSelfCare gave their morning routine a jumpstart! Every morning B receives notifications from UniSelfCare of their morning daily tips and tricks to remind them to prioritize their self-care throughout the day. Although B is busy managing their academics, extracurriculars, and work, to make sure they are on track with managing their self-care, B takes a few minutes break throughout the day to record their thoughts and emotions in their UniSelfCare journal. Whenever B is stressed, it is very helpful for them to record it in their journal so they can think of a solution to their problem. At the end of a long day, B wants to spend some time with their friends so they check out the self-care rewards feature and discover a yoga self-care space in their area and attend a class to unwind. After the class, they log in how much they spent at the yoga center and earn self-care points that can be used to redeem for discounts or gift cards. UniSelfcare gave B an opportunity to prioritize her self-care in a fun way!