United Through Self-Care 

Our mission is to unite the community by fostering self-care groups through the Self-Care Community Forum and through the UniSelfCare Partners Network platform that supports small, local businesses. Interested in learning more? Get started with UniSelfCare!

About Us

What Is UniSelfCare?

UniSelfCare’s goal is to create small communities of students to be able to openly speak about their experiences and encourage self-care within the groups. UniSelfCare also offers the UniSelfCare Partners Network platform for our users to  discover establishments that will support them in their self-care journey.  We help small businesses recover their customer base from the pandemic by encouraging college students to take a break from their busy lives and support small businesses near college towns 

As I reflected over my four years in college, I realized how important self-care is because it has helped me become the best version myself and given me the confidence to overcome many challenges! I remember arriving at Brandeis University as a freshman and not having any social support networks and feeling lonely during my first semester. A self-care group would have made it easier for me to adjust to college life. This is what I wanted to create: a self-care community that promotes a beautiful mission to help each other grow in our self-care journeys!

Frances Maher

UniSelfCare, Co-Founder

Why Choose Us

UniSelfCare Partner Network 

The UniSelfCare Partner Network provides small businesses with the tools to offer unique and personalized experiences for  customers. 

Our social impact and self-care focus will foster that genuine and and inviting connection with your customers.  We promote your establishment as a safe space for customers to take a break from their day and relax with their friends and their self-care communities. 

We believe that a strong and genuine connection to your customers is your key to having more regular, repeat customers and we can help you achieve that. Check out For Partners page! 







The Benefits of Self-Care


Beginning a self-care session is much like taking a nap or taking a break. Changing the course of action from stagnation will refresh and motivate your brain to keep going!
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By slowing down you can improve your overall mental health through relaxation and rest. Knowing the ways to take care of yourself can improve a healthy relationship with your mind.

Increase Positive Thinking

You can begin to turn away thoughts that focus on negative habits, behaviors, or tendencies. Self care encourages a new focus on physical tasks or activities instead of on negative thinking.

Increase Productivity

After taking time for yourself, it becomes easier to organize your thoughts and push through your workload. A healthy balance of work and play makes your productivity increase and decrease lethargic tendencies.

Bodily Health

Studies have shown that mindful practices have statistically proven to improve your physical form alongside your mental state, whether that be yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and many more.


By increasing your feelings of positivity and self-love, self-care promotes sociability. You feel more encouraged to go out and spend time with others to experience the benefits with friends and family.  

Self-Care Experts

Meet Our Team

Frances Maher

Frances Maher

UniSelfCare Co-Founder

 Frances Maher is a current senior at Brandeis University pursuing a B.S. in Biology.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

UniSelfCare Co-Founder

Graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Oren Kagan

Oren Kagan

Customer Discovery Team

Oren Kagan is a first-year at Brandeis University pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Neuroscience.

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